About Us

NE Techno strives for excellence in everything it does, which translates into quality deliverable that is ranked as one of the best!

We recognize that our client(s) forms a part of our future. And our growth stem from the fact that we are wholly committed in providing exceptional products and services that is akin to what our partners and client(s) expect.

In other word, our “Total Commitment Approach” is nourished through transparency; honesty, commitment and trust. Based on these 4 pillars of strength, the cornerstone of the Company is further strengthened.

Our Mission:

“To provide excellent Services, Products Delivery and Consultancy in the field of E-Business and IT; nourished through the values it create; the quality it brings and innovation!”

Our Vision:

“We envision in enriching the value-chain through our Services and Products offering, and in creating a lasting relationship with our client(s) and partners. We strive in delivering state-of-art development processes in the field of IT and allied business solutions by striving for excellence in what we do, and how we do it!”

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